Meet Your Maker: IDIYA (Makerspace)

Tell us about IDIYA – what is it?
We are a fully stocked makerspace. Members can take advantage of on site 3-D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNCs, direct to garment printing, sewing machines, a woodshop, and more. Educational initiatives are offered through IDIYA Labs, focused on training teachers in preparation for the next generation of makers. Community members can also hire the IDIYA Factory, our production shop which is led by Joe Cantu, to make whatever wild and new projects they dream up.

What inspired you to start IDIYA?
New Orleans has a rich culture of artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. It is one of the most creative cities in the world! However, we noticed that creatives struggled to find a well-equipped, collaborative workspace to make the products of their imagination. We started IDIYA to give New Orleanians access to a one-stop shop where they can bring their ideas to fruition.

IDIYA’s Mission: The writing is on the wall

What is your philosophy as a Maker Space?
The writing’s on the wall, literally, directly behind our front desk. At our foundation, IDIYA is a mission-driven venture where we calibrate every part of our business by a standard of community empowerment. Our vision is making manufacturing more accessible for everyone. We live it every day in a space that is ever-evolving to meet the needs of our members.

What’s the most interesting Maker project you’ve created?
While the IDIYA Factory is always producing the stuff of our clients’ dreams, the product we celebrate most is the maker experience. We love connecting people with a great project they can do themselves, and what better way than with a DIY build party.

We partnered with NOMA in August to conduct a chair building workshop. Attendees received a private tour of “The Essence of Things” exhibit at NOMA, and we coached them through replicating a chair that was in the exhibit. Everyone went home with a work of art that they produced in a single day.

Coastal Play Board Game

The “Coastal Play” Board Game was a collaborative venture among IDIYA makers.

What’s the most interesting Maker project you’ve seen?
Our makerspace has seen laser cut jewelry, parade floats, costumes, bus-detectors, and things whose purposes elude those who have not asked, and baffle those who have. One of the most interesting projects that we have seen, the “Coastal Play” board game, involved the collaborative talents of many different makers. What started as a simple board game that illustrated the delicate situation of Louisiana wetlands, wound up combining elements from virtually every facet of the maker movement. The finished product was featured in the 2015 Anba Dlo Festival at the Healing Center.

Any advice for aspiring Makers?
Have fun. Learn from your mistakes. When in doubt, be a kid. Or just be a kid.

Meet the makers of IDIYA at the 2017 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, April 22 at Delgado’s Student Life Center. Keep checking back with us here for updates on ticket sales as well as guest speakers and performances.

Apply Early and WIN!

You know that expression, “The early maker gets the prize.” No? Well, we’re declaring it’s a real thing, because this year we’re offering some pretty exciting perks for makers who apply early:

  • The first 50 makers to apply will receive a FREE class (level 1) from IDIYA maker space
  • Apply before November 29, 2016, and you’ll be entered to win a 1-year family membership to Delgado Community College’s NOLA Fab Lab

Don’t wait – apply today!

Meet Your Maker: Louisiana Crafts Guild

We are thriLouisiana Crafts Guild Logolled to announce that New Orleans Mini Maker Faire is partnering with Louisiana Crafts Guild! This year, they will be curating our Artist Zone, which is sure to be bigger and better than ever before. To find out more about the Louisiana Crafts Guild and what they’ll be bringing to our Faire, we sat down and talked with Executive Director Gene Meneray.

What is Louisiana Crafts Guild? 
It’s the premier visual arts organization in Louisiana. We have 220 members from across the state who are juried in by their peers. We represent the finest traditions of traditional and contemporary crafts.

LCG Ceramics Artist Nealy Atkins

Louisiana Crafts Guild Artist Artist Nealy Atkins on the ceramics wheel.

What is it about Louisiana that makes it such a great place for artists and makers?
Tradition covers all sorts of communities and neighborhoods throughout the state. There is a strong tradition of woodworking in Acadiana, glassblowing here in New Orleans.

People in Louisiana like to live day-to-day with objects that are representative of their culture. We don’t buy things because they’re going to increase in value. It’s work that we want to live with every day and that we want to experience. That’s the whole idea behind crafts in general, to have beautiful handmade items that you interact with on a daily basis that represent your culture or a culture that you have an affinity for.

Do you think of artists as Makers?
Yes. I think it really is one of the keys to the equation, having the ability to have a creative mind and an eye for beauty. Master the medium and do with your hands – be able to put your vision into form effectively.

Why partner with New Orleans Mini Maker Faire?

LCG Basket Weaver Artist

Louisiana Crafts Guild Artist Emma Hughes demonstrates traditional basket weaving

One of the missions of Louisiana Crafts Guild is to serve as a body that provides education. By showing people the stuff that’s out there, we believe that whenever we have an opportunity to show people work they could make themselves, that’s a really important thing. Our survival depends on having new people who are interested in this from of Making from both the Maker and the patron side.

What can we expect to see in the Artist Zone at New Orleans Mini Maker Faire?
We’d like to show a broad representation of work from across the state. We’d like to have different generations represented, different cultures represented. All of our work will be in line with the mission of the New Orleans Mini Maker Faire, showing as broad a spectrum as possible.

Come see the full array of Louisiana artists in the Louisiana Craft Guild Artist Zone at the New Orleans Mini Maker Faire. Our gates open on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 10am and stay open until 5pm. See you there!

Meet Your Maker: Makers of NO

Makers of NO Logo
There is a place where Makers gather to make, share, learn, and discuss. You’ll find it inside Art Egg Studios, where Makers often gather to turn their visions into reality. It’s a place where imagination becomes real, and it’s called Makers of NO.

“The Makers of NO is an organization that wants to provide a common Makers’ space for people to work together and embrace the Maker spirit,” says Makers of NO Board Member and Maker Alba Huddleston. “The biggest appeal to our organization is the community.”

Makers of NO has been around since 2014, but its growth and development has seen stops and starts along the way. Their most recent incarnation is a newly built community Makers’ space, where they host an Open House every Wednesday from 7-10pm with plenty of pizza, beer, and tinkering.

More Maker Togetherness

Makers making at Makers of NO

Makers making at Makers of NO

Makers of NO is joining forces with New Orleans Mini Maker Faire! They will be presenting some of their Maker projects at our Call for Makers Happy Hour. Join us for Maker Happy Hour, complete with a tour of Urban South Brewery. You can learn more about Makers of NO, schmooze with fellow Makers and Faire Enthusiasts, and sign up to be a part of the 2017 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire!

What: Call for Makers Happy Hour with Brewery Tour
When: Thursday, October 6 from 6-8pm
Where: Urban South Brewery, 1645 Tchoupitoulas

Your FREE TICKET is your drink ticket, so be sure to register:

Meet the Makers of NO at the 2017 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, April 22 at Delgado’s Student Life Center. Keep checking back with us here for updates on ticket sales as well as guest speakers and performances.

Meet Your Maker: Urban South Brewery

The historic warehouse reigns over Tchoupitoulas with an Urban South Brewery sign displayed near its roofline like a crown. Despite its well-established appearance, Urban South is the new kid on the block, having served its first beer on March 17, 2016 – that’s St. Patty’s Day to you and me.

Urban South Brewery Photo

Urban South’s Founder & CEO Jacob Landry (L)
with Brewmaster Wes Osier (R)

Jacob Landry is the guy behind this new endeavor. He hails from the tiny southwestern Louisiana town of Hathaway, but his journey into all things hops and malt began almost 5,000 miles away. His passion for beer making was born after spending a year in southern France during his college days, where he was exposed to Belgian and German beers.

“Prior to that, I had no idea that beer could actually taste good,” says Landry.

The Making of a Maker

A few years in the Pacific Northwest gave Landry further appreciation for craft beer culture, but still he didn’t heed the call of the keg. It took 8 more years of living in New Orleans and working as an educator before he finally took the plunge and opened a brewery of his own along with Brewmaster Wes Osier, and Urban South’s VP Kyle Huling.

“It took a while for me to listen to my inner passion,” Landry jokes. “Part of the impetus in starting this was, as a Cajun, culturally you go back home, and you never get away without taking something with you: homemade pickles, hot sauce. For me, it was exciting to build something. I realized I could make something for other people to enjoy.”

Joining Forces

Beer has been Landry’s entry into the Maker Culture, so being a part of the New Orleans Mini Maker Faire is a natural fit for Urban South Brewery.

“New Orleans Mini Maker Faire represents the values we hold dear as brewery,” says Landry. “We’re always tinkering, being experimental.”

Urban South Interior

A beer poses for pictures
in the interior of Urban South Brewery

The interior of Urban South Brewery reflects that experimental spirit. It’s a late 1800’s warehouse with an industrial interior. Picnic tables are scattered across concrete floors, open space soaring up to exposed rafters. It’s a raw, blank canvas, that has endless possibilities. Which is why it’s the perfect place for New Orleans Mini Maker Faire to launch its Official Call for Makers! If you’re a Maker or Maker Faire Enthusiast, come join us for Maker Happy Hour, complete with a tour of Urban South Brewery.

What: Call for Makers Happy Hour with Brewery Tour
When: Thursday, October 6 from 6-8pm
Where: Urban South Brewery, 1645 Tchoupitoulas

Your FREE TICKET is your drink ticket, so be sure to register: