3D Printing in New Orleans


Model castle that was 3D printed 

3D printing is transforming how things are made. It is allowing doctors to create custom prosthetic limbs for patients on the spot. It is allowing fashion designers to create garment styles that are not possible with conventional sewing methods.  If a toy company needs a mockup of a new product they are creating, they can rapidly 3D print a physical prototype to test the product before it is manufactured. Since mainstream 3D printing is a relatively new phenomenon, we spoke with Trey Richoux, the chief operating officer at a local 3D printing company to help explain what it is.

Trey’s company, Entrescan, is the authorized seller of 3D Systems products in Louisiana and one of the few companies utilizing this technology in New Orleans. 3D Systems pioneered 3D printing and the principle technology they use called Stereolithography (SLA). This process allows you to take a 3D scan or rendering of something, digitally slice it into layers, and print it by using lasers to cure resin layer by layer to build a product. With the 3D Systems models that Entrescan is selling they can create pretty much anything in a variety of materials including metal, plastic, and nylon. In house they have a ColorJet Printer with full color spectrum and a MultiJet Printer to make high-resolution plastic parts with ABS characteristics. The ABS type of plastic they use is common and prevalent in manufacturing settings. There are many applications for 3D printing; the medical field is one area where this technology is having a huge impact. For example, doctors can now convert a CAT scan of a body part into a 3D object that is an exact replica of the body part. This allows doctors to operate on the body part to practice for surgeries.

Entrescan has only been open for about a month so they are just getting their business started. Currently they are meeting with local companies to demonstrate their technology’s application to multiple industries including oil and gas, ship-building, general manufacturing, higher education, and architects. The castle we have pictured is a sample model done just for fun. However this model has also been used to show architects the capability of the 3D printing technology for making detailed architectural models. In addition to selling 3D Systems printers, the company eventually plans to have the capability to create models for New Orleans customers. The customer will be able to send  a file electronically of what they want printed and then come in later to pick it up in 3D form. This kind of service will be beneficial for any kind of small business that needs an accurate model or prototype of anything.  Although we are still in the beginning stages of 3D printing, it is clear that rapid prototyping with 3D printers will become a much more prevalent tool to help local companies innovate. The possibilities are endless.

The 2015 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire is a great opportunity to get some hands on exposure to 3D printing technology. There will be a wide range of makers showing off their printers, both consumer and professional grade, and the projects that they create on them. Join us on March 7th, 2015 at Tulane’s Lavin-Bernick center for 3D printing demonstrations and much, much more!

Call for Makers Now Open!

10833947_10203976331383371_467030891_nOn Saturday, November 29th, we had the privilege of sponsoring the Robot Parade and Ball at the Old Iron Works in the Bywater. The event was a resounding success; a ton of people showed up to celebrate all things robot. The robots and robot costumes were great, and it was a fun evening of hanging out with local makers and technology enthusiasts. And, importantly, it was a great way for us to celebrate the opening of our Call for Makers!

We would like to invite you to apply to be a maker at the 2015 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire. If you are a builder, inventor, innovator, hacker, artists, crafter, DIY enthusiast, roboticist, scientist, or gadgeteer, we want you or your group to be a part of our event in March. Don’t fit into one of those categories? That’s ok, we still want you to apply! For guidelines and more information about what we are looking for, please visit http://nolamakerfaire.com/call-for-makers. Applications are due no later than February 1st, but space is limited so the sooner you apply the better chance you have of getting a spot. If you have any questions or need further information, please email me at info@nolamakerfaire.com.

We look forward to seeing your projects in March! And stay tuned for our next MakerHappy Hour in January. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the most timely information.

Tickets on sale now!

Tickets are on sale now for the 2015 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire!
Adult early bird tickets are available for $8 until January 1st. After that, adult advanced tickets will be $10 until March 6th and will be $12 at the door.
And of course, kids are free up to age 16 (free eventbrite ticket and adult supervision are required).

Eventbrite - New Orleans Mini Maker Faire 2015

November Events

unnamed1Thanks to everyone who came out to our Maker Happy Hour at NOLA Brewing Co. in September. We had a great time catching up with the maker community and, of course, drinking some good beer. I’d like to give a special thanks to Brennan Steele, from the NOLA Burning Man community, who brought a presentation showing off his Burning Man art installation “Big Al” (basically a large flammable alligator effigy). We look forward to seeing more of his work at the 2015 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire; in the meantime, be sure to shoot him an email if you want more information about his project.

Speaking of Maker Happy Hours, we are excited to announce our November event! Instead of a traditional Happy Hour type thing at a bar, the New Orleans Mini Maker Faire is sponsoring the Robot Parade and Ball on November 29th. This will be a great opportunity to get together with other makers in the local community, have some food and drinks, see some robots and art creations, and celebrate the weird world of makers. Even better, this event will officially kick off our Call For Makers, which is your opportunity to apply to be a part of the 2015 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire as a maker or maker group!

There are a few other maker-centric events coming up in the next couple of weeks, check out below for more details. We look forward to seeing you at some or all of these events, but especially at the Robot Parade and Ball!

Maker Bayou Kick-off Party

unnamed-1Thursday, Nov 13, 6-9 PM
N.O. Healing Arts Center

There’s a new technology workshop opening up in New Orleans, and they are throwing a party to celebrate! You might have seen the folks from IDIYA at the 2014 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire, and now their hard work on the maker space is coming to fruition. Join the Maker Revolution as IDIYA brings some of the leaders in advanced manufacturing to New Orleans, including 3D Systems and Autodesk for a night of demonstrations, Q&A. and creative fun!
Check out the IDIYA website for more information..

New Orleans Fringe Festival – Family Fringe

unnamed-1Saturday & Sunday, Nov 22-23, 12-5 PM
Marigny Opera House

The New Orleans Fringe Festival is coming up, and we are looking forward to being a part of Family Fringe! This family-friendly event will feature performances, workshops, maker land, open-mic, magic, and arts and crafts activities for kids. Check out their webpage for the entertainment schedule. Also, Family Fringe is looking for more makers to share their creations, projects, inventions and/or provide an interactive experience for attendees of the Family Fringe event. Contact Joe Hollier if you’d like to participate as a maker.

Robot Parade & Ball

unnamedSaturday, Nov 29, 4-9 PM
Marigny Opera House tOld Iron Works

The Robot Parade and Ball is a community celebration of robots; attendees are encouraged to bring robots or dress in robot costumes (costume making party will take place beforehand). The parade will make it’s way through the bywater and end at the afterparty, which will feature art, food, and drinks sponsored by the New Orleans Mini Maker Faire and Bricolage Academy. The atmosphere of the ball is somewhere between art opening, science fair, and circus.
If you have a robot that you want to be a part of the parade, be sure to contact Cole Wiley.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available


We are looking for sponsors for the 2015 New Orleans Mini Maker Faire!

The New Orleans Mini Maker Faire provides an ideal opportunity for corporate sponsors to gain access to an incredible audience of creative thinkers and tinkerers, with a focus on Do-It-Yourself (DIY), tech-savvy, and arts-inclined audiences.

Check out http://nolamakerfaire.com/sponsor for more information, or take a look at our Sponsorship Guide. Help us make this event the best one yet!